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We believe iPhone development should be clean, scalable, and fast with a language that developers not only enjoy, but actively choose. With the advent of Ruby for iPhone development the RubyMotion community has combined and tested the most active and powerful gems into a single package called RedPotion.

RedPotion combines RMQ, ProMotion, CDQ, AFMotion, MotionPrint and MORE!. It also adds new features to better integrate RMQ with ProMotion. The goal is simply to choose standard libraries and promote best practices, allowing you to develop iOS apps in record time.

Other documentation

Until these docs are complete, please also use RMQ's and ProMotion's docs

The creators of RMQ and ProMotion at Infinite Red teamed up with David Larrabee to create the ultimate RubyMotion library.


ProMotion for screens and RMQ for styles, animations, traversing, events, etc.

Plugins and Add-ons

You can use both RMQ Plugins and ProMotion Add-ons



Full listing of Gems and Pods for RedPotion