Fancy printing

RedPotion uses motion_print for fancy console output.

Instead of puts, use mp:

> mp({b: "bee", a: 'a', see: 4})

  a     => a,
  b     => bee,
  see   => 4

RMQ Debug

Adding rmq_debug=true to rake turns on some debugging features that are too slow or verbose to include in a normal build. It's great for normal use in the simulator, but you'll want to leave it off if you're measuring performance.

rake rmq_debug=true

Use this to add your optional debugging code

=> true

You can even change the value from the REPL (useful for turning on and off features)

RubyMotionQuery::RMQ.debugging = true
=> true

rmq.debug.colorize - Often times, you may want high contrast on a selection of items, so you can lay them out or identify them on the screen. One common practice we use is to assign all the selected with a random background color. Since this is so common, we've created a shortcut method to help.

find(<selected items here, usually UIView or some class>).debug.colorize

Other Debugging Items

rmq.log :tree
find.all.log :wide

find(Section).log :tree
# 163792144 is the ID a button
find(163792144).style{|st| st.background_color =}

find(Section).children.and_self.log :wide


# Show subview index and thus zorder of Section within Section's parent