The Nuclear Option

Running rake was working perfectly last night, but this morning, you are getting mysterious errors, such as

Simulator session started with error: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=3 "Failed to lookup the process ID of com.your_domain_here.my_awesome_app after successful launch. Perhaps it crashed after launch."

Your environment might be borked. Try this:

rake newclear

The nuke task performs the following operations:

Cleaning Project...
    Delete ./build
    Delete ./resources/my_awesome_app.momd
    Delete /Users/<your user>/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.1/gems/cdq-1.0.2/lib/../vendor/cdq/ext/build-iPhoneSimulator
     Clean ./Pods.xcodeproj for platform `iPhoneSimulator'
     Clean ./Pods.xcodeproj for platform `iPhoneOS'
    Delete vendor/Pods/build-iPhoneSimulator
    Delete /Users/<your user>/Library/RubyMotion/build
    Delete vendor/Pods

Resetting simulator...


Setting up cocoapods...

Installing cocoapod dependencies...


Most of the items (other than rvm gems and /Users/<your user>/Library/RubyMotion/build) that are deleted and cleaned exist within your current project directory. Nuking your project is a benign operation. since running rake rebuilds everything that was nuked, so give it a try.

Corrupt/missing Cocoapods Specs repository

You run rake pm:install on a freshly created redpotion app and it hangs on Updating spec repo master. Presumably, you've already run pod setup one time on your machine, so what gives?

If you see an error message about pod not being able to find the master spec repo when you run rake pm:install --verbose, you can perform a clean pod setup:

> pod repo remove master
> pod setup

Now you should be able to run rake pm:install.